Family Owned and Operated

Country Bridals was established in 1999 and purchased by Cathy in 2002 when it became Country Bridals and Formal Wear. We are a family run business with 3 generations (mother, daughter and 2 granddaughters) helping you to find your perfect gown. 

Country Bridals and Formal Wear began in and out of different locations before it moved to 17 Main Street as an anchor business in downtown Jaffrey, NH. We are involved in our community and have received numerous awards including Business of the Year from the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce, Legends of Business by the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and numerous industry related awards as well.

Staff Photos: Nicole Landry, Landry Photography

EliciaOwner/Bridal Consultant
Favorite TV Show: Schitt’s Creek and Bloodline; Favorite Vacation: New York City and Las Vegas; Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking and spending time with family

Advice to brides when shopping for your gown: Your gown is about how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Do not let anybody take that away by making it about them and not you.

CathyRetired; Traded sewing for sailing and brides for boats!
Favorite TV Show: Anything on HGTV; Favorite Vacation: European River Cruise & Hawaii; Hobbies: Sailing, reading and sewing

Advice to brides when shopping for your gown: Remember this is yours and your husband’s day, make decisions based on what you want and your budget. Don’t let little details ruin your day. Your guests will not notice them; they will only see how happy you are.

AliBridal Consultant
Favorite TV Show: New Girl & Gilmore Girls; Favorite Vacation: Florida, but I look forward to traveling to more exciting places in the future; Hobbies: Hanging out with my dog and my friends and working out.

Advice to brides when shopping for your gown: Be honest about how you feel about a dress, don’t take pictures in it if you do not love it because it makes it more confusing. Bring guests that make you feel great about yourself and will stand behind whatever gown decision you make.

ChristinaSeamstress, Bridal Consultant
Favorite TV Show: This is Us; Favorite Vacation: Cinque Terre, Italy; Hobbies: Learning guitar, writing poetry and hiking

Advice to brides when altering your gown: Please communicate with us about anything you want to change or are uncomfortable with. We want you to look and feel amazing for your wedding day.

Favorite TV Show: Heartland; Favorite Vacation: Notre Dame in Paris and Greece; Hobbies: Swimming, hiking and kayaking

Advice to brides when shopping for your gown: Pick a dress that is beautiful AND comfortable so you feel like a princess.

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We look forward to you looking and feeling spectacular on your special day!